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“Raw Organic 100% Honey”   “Probiotic /Herbal Honey”
 “Detox Herbal Tea”  ” Relax Herbal Tea”
“Spa Bath Salt”  “Salt for Food”   “Health Care / Oral / Lip / Aroma” 
” Massage / Herbal Ball”  “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil”
“Energy Specialized Products / Pollen, Royal Jelly, Honey Comb, Energy Jam


Dr G Organics started long ago when Grissinalux Sukpasee was a little girl growing up in the old capital city of Ayutthaya. Her grandfather (mother’s father) was a famous traditional doctor in Ayutthaya. People from all over would come to see Maw Thanom for their different conditions. He was familiar with all the local plants and herbs, and what conditions they could treat. Maw Thanom made his own herbal formulas and he wrote a book explaining Thai Traditional Medicine based on his formulas. Little Grissanalux would visit her grandfather and see him treating many patients. At that time, she was more interested in the sweet fruits her grandfather would give her when she visited, but years later she remembered seeing him making the formulas and putting all the herbs into an earthen pot and chanting mantras over the herbs to give them extra potency to heal his patients.

Khun Grissanalux left Ayutthaya province for Bangkok when she completed high school. She began working in a pharmaceutical company selling medicine to doctors and hospitals all over Thailand. Later she opened her own pharmacy in Bangkok, but she never forgot her grandfather and how he used plants and herbs to treat people naturally, without any side effects.

Khun Grissanalux’s mother became ill and was diagnosed with cancer during this time. Rather than telling her mother to follow the western way of treating cancer, she told her mom that she would help cure her with herbs and with diet. Grissanalux carefully researched all the chinese and thai herbs that would protect from the chemotherapy and strengthen her immune system to fight the cancer cells. She gave her mother the best of these herbs and also taught her what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. After six months, the doctors examined her mother and confirmed that they could find no more cancer in her mother. That was 15 years ago, and since then her mother has been free from cancer.

Grissanalux then started a natural cosmetics company, Cherma Herbs, to make cosmetics and natural beauty products. She used her knowledge of herbs to make products that effective and without harmful chemicals. After her company became successful, Grissanlux decided that she wanted to make natural medicines also. But to do this correctly, she needed to study at the university and get a degree in traditional pharmacy and medicine. So while taking care of two children and running a successful company, she studied with famous Thai professors for four years,  graduating from Ramkamhaeng University with a degree in thai traditional medicine.

“Thailand has so many hundreds of herbs and i wanted to know how to make standardized extracts with these herbs,” says Maw Grissanalux. “I also love probiotics, because it is so important for our health. So i developed my own method to make probiotic formulas using thai herbs and raw organic honey.”

Maw Grissanalux formed a new company and opened a Traditional Clinic and Modern Laboratory. The name of the company is Dr G Organics. “G” represents her name, Grissanalux. “I want to offer people a gentle and deep way to detox their body,” says Maw Grissanalux. “There is so much damage now from our modern lifestyle– too many drugs and too much stress, and air, water and land pollution. People are not eating healthy organic food anymore. So there is much more illness, more anxiety and even more obesity in Thailand now. My Clinic and my Products are to help people re-balance their life and recover their energy and health. We are trying to counter all the effects of modern life with an organic approach to health.”

Dr G Organics makes customized formulas of Probiotic Honey, Flower & Leaf Teas, different varieties of Raw Organic from all over Thailand, Himalayan Salt, and Organic Skincare Products. The Rak Clinic that is next to Dr G Organics shop specializes in Migraine Headaches, Skin Diseases and Detox Programs.

Location of the Clinic and Shop is Sukhumvit, Soi 49, 300 meters past Samitivej Hospital.