About Us


Dr G Organics is Bangkok’s first Organic Lifestyle Boutique.

What is an Organic Lifestyle Boutique?

It’s a place to explore the world of organic food, health and beauty.

Organic means 100% natural and wholesome. Organic food and skincare products contain no pesticides, synthetic preservatives or GMOs. It supports good health and longevity.

Lifestyle is the way a person lives. There are many physical, mental and spiritual benefits to a healthy organic lifestyle.

A Boutique is a small, fashionable shop catering to a special market.

Our concept is simple: to offer consumers personalized services and products to help them enjoy a healthy, organic lifestyle. You can discover and purchase organic foods, herbs and body care products that are untouched by toxic chemicals and preservatives. And you can explore and learn how to prepare organic foods and make organic products.

We are now offering:

1. Our own delicious ready-made organic meals, sauces, salads, snacks and drinks.

2. Raw, cleaned, packaged organic produce for easy home cooking.

3. Our own brand of organic bath and beauty products, organic skincare and cosmetics and organic spa and massage products, made in our state-of-the-art in house lab.

4. Thai yoga massage, traditional thai medicine and herbal therapy by university trained thai traditional doctors.

5. Workshops and Classes in Authentic Thai Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking, Organic Herbs, Organic Skincare & Cosmetics and Thai Yoga Massage.

Dr G Organics

Dr G

The founder and director of Dr G Organics is Dr. Grissanalux Sukpasee. Dr G is from Ayuttaya, the former capital and cultural centre of Thailand. She graduated from Ramkamhaeng University in Thai Traditional Medicine and has a lifelong passion for organic cooking, herbs and medicine. She knows more than 300 recipes of authentic thai dishes that can be prepared without meat, fish or eggs. She is a dedicated vegetarian, urban gardener and yoga practitioner.