G Hangover Relief Detox Chai

G Hangover Relief Detox Chai / Flower & Leaf Detox Tea


Laurel clockvine leaves (Thunbergia laurifolia

are known in Thailand as rang jeud. Rand jeud is an antipyretic (fever reducing) herb and an antidote for detoxifying poisons. In Thai traditional medicine, rang jeud is used to detoxify the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. It protects the liver and neutralizes toxins.

Pandan leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius
are dark green leaves widely used in cooking in Southeast Asia. In Thailand the leaves are known as Bai tooey and add aromatic flavor and fragrance to many Thai dishes. In Thai traditional medicine, bai tooey is a tonic to promote energy, relieve chest and joint pain, and to help
lower blood sugar (anti-diabetic).

Bamboo grass leaves (Tiliacora triandra)
In Thailand the leaves are known as Bai ya nang. According to the Thai traditional medical textbook,the root is boiled in water to reduce fever. Tea made with bai ya nang is used to detoxify the liver and kidneys.


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Product Description

Suggested Use: Use 1 herbal tea bag in a large glass or mug of hot water (250 ml.). Soak the tea bag for 3-5 minutes.If you don’t wish to become intoxicated, drink a large glass of detox chai before drinking alcohol. Drink the herbal detox chai the following morning to
clear the body of toxins for hangover. You can use each tea bag 2 or 3 times or until the tea has no more taste.

Packing: 10 tea bags.

Distributed by  : Dr. G Organics Co.. Ltd.. Sukhumvit 229/9 Soi 49 Bangkok, 10110.

Manufactured by: G Organic Herb House.


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